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Saltair EngagementsNicole and Marston: Saltair EngagementsUtah Wedding Photographer: Saltair Engagements

Utah Wedding Photographer Saltair Engagements

Saltair engagement photos taken outside of Salt Lake City Utah with this fun and spirited couple with great taste that wanted an affordable Utah wedding photographer. I love photography-yep!

Ahem, blogging world–are you still out there?  I know I’ve been missing in action.  That’s because photographing weddings and being a mom is hard work!  I only get a chance to breath around–what month is it?–December?  Yes, just a short breath before the new wedding season begins.  That doesn’t mean that I haven’t loved my business or my clients for the last year.  I have adored them!  And it’s about time I show them that love on my blog!

For isntance this cute couple getting married in February!  She wanted to take engagement photos at Saltair.  I love the look of the great Salt Lake.  Within short walking distances you can find a bunch of different backgrounds.  Combined the great photo location with a stunning couple who is madly in love–you really can’t go wrong!  We started the engagement photos at the boat docks at Saltair.  This is part of The Great Salt Lake State Park.  We also photographed some engagement photos at what locals call black rock.  A fun cliff found on the side of the great salt lake at Saltair.

engagement photos taken at Saltair outside of Salt Lake City

I love photographing fun couples at the salt flats and at Saltair here in Utah.  Utah girls have so many different choices for photo locations and Utah wedding photographers.  I so enjoy being a Utah wedding photographer.  If you are looking for a Utah wedding photographer in Northern Utah I would love to be your photographer.  I live in Salt Lake City and I mostly live at the Salt Lake City Temple for weddings.  Utah has so many fun young couples.  It’s fun to get to know engaged couples.  Each wedding is aSaltair engagement, utah wedding photographer fun new experience to get to know people.  Also it’s fun to get out and take photos that I love to take.Saltair engagement, utah wedding photographer

Utah Wedding PhotographerEngagement photos in the MountainsCanyon Engagement Session

Engagement photos in the Mountains:  I haven’t seen Ethan since high school. It’s fun to reconnect and see him so happy with Sarah.  Can’t wait for these two to get married in August!Utah engaged couple
utah enagement photos in the mountainsutah engagements2 utah engagement photos in the mountiansutah engagements3 utah engagement photoscute utah engagement phtoos Utah wedding photographer takes engagement photosutah engagement photos in the mountains

Engagement photos in the Mountains are a fun break from wildflower or city engagement sessions. Engagement photos in the Mountains are some of my favorite.  Utah engagement photos taken in the mountains of Utah.  Mountain Engagement photos are always a fun treat for a wedding photographer. Utah wedding photographer photographs cute couple in the mountains above Salt Lake City Utah.  Utah is full of perfect photography locations.  These cute engagement posed couple loved the outdoors so we took their engagement photos up one of the canyons.  There we found a photography oasis of pine trees and aspens.  Full of great elegance and picture perfect photo opportunities.  I love being a Utah Wedding photographer.  I can’t wait for their wedding in Ogden Utah up the canyon there.  I love being a Utah wedding photographer.  If you are getting married in Salt Lake City I would love to be your wedding photographer.  I have photographed over 300 weddings.  I love photographing weddings.  I don’t really travel anymore for weddings.  I love being a local Utah wedding photographer. Engagement photos in the Mountains are always fun.  Engagement photos in the Mountains of Utah are lovely so fresh and full of life.  Engagement photos in the Mountains are so lively and fun to capture with my camera.  I love being a utah engagement photographer.

Utah mountain engagement sessionSpring Engagement PhotosUtah Engagement and wedding photographer

This couple as married last summer but I never posted their photos from their Spring engagement session, so then I felt like I couldn’t post their other sessions and it just domino-ed from there.  I often get behind in my wedding photography blog so I’m trying to be better.  I’ll get horrible at it again as soon as the spring rush hits… blah!

Utah wedding photographer takes engagement photos in the Mountains of Utah. I love to take engagement photos. I love engagement photos in the mountains of Utah. Utah has so many beautiful mountains that make for such a whimsical mood in wedding photos.  I love being a utah wedding photographer.  Albion Basin is the perfect place for romantic views of Utah’s mountains.  I love this popular spot for photography.  I love taking photos.  I love seeing the world through my camera and capturing stunning couples for their big wedding day.  Salt lake city temple wedding photographed by a Utah wedding photographer. lovely whimsical details and fun emotions captured by ravenberg photography love taking photos at this Salt Lake City Utah wedding loved shooting at Castle park Castle park is such a fun wedding venue in Utah. I love being a wedding photographer in Utah love shooting weddings in Utah If you are getting married at the salt lake city temple I would love to be your wedding photographer!  Fun posed and unique locations at the Salt Lake City temple for wedding photos.  These mountain engagement photos are some of my favorite.  I like hiking in the Utah mountains to take these fun Utah engagement photos.  I always love fun and unique photography locations in Utah. I love fun poses for wedding photographs.  I would love to be your Utah wedding photographer.

Red Butte Gardens Engagement Photos

This couple was brave for their engagement photos and went all out even thought the weather said snow.  And it did snow!  Morgan and Valenteen took the snow like champs!  But taking your engagement photos any time and any weather is always a good idea if you are taking your engagement photos at Red Butte Gardens.  I love photographing at Red Butte Gardens, it’s always full of beautiful flowers anytime of the year.  Love my couples and love being a Utah Wedding photographer!red butte gardens engagement photos (10)red butte gardens engagement photos (1)red butte gardens engagement photos (2)red butte gardens engagement photos (3) red butte gardens engagement photos (5)red butte gardens engagement photos (6)red butte gardens engagement photos (7)red butte gardens engagement photos (8)red butte gardens engagement photos (9)Red butte Gardens engagement photos taken at Red butte gardens.  I love living so close to red butte Gardens because it means I get to photograph a lot of weddings there.  I can’t wait to photograph this bride and grooms wedding at Red Butte Gardens this August!  Winter, spring summer or fall weddings at Red butte gardens are always beautiful!  Love being a Utah wedding photographer and having acess to beautiful wedding locations and venues like Red Butte Gardens.  I think this will be the six wedding I have photographed at Red Butte Gardens.  Red Butte Gardens is located right outside of Salt Lake City Utah.  Salt Lake City Utah is a beautiful place to have a destination wedding.  If your destination for your wedding is Utah I would love to bey our Utah Wedding photographer.  I’m a Utah Wedding photographer.  I love Utah Weddings.  I love red butte gardens. I love taking engagement photos.  Bride and grooms like their wedding photos.  I like to take wedding photos.  Ravenberg Photography has been photographing weddings for six years.  Choose your wedding photographer wisely.

Utah Engagement Photos: Jordan and Matthew

I had the funnest time last Saturday with these two!  After the craziness that is a family of six I enjoy getting out and remembering the bliss that is young love.  Matthew is so kind to Jordan.  The way he treats her, looks at her, holds her it is clear that she means so much to him.  I’ve known Jordan since I photographed her sisters wedding a few years ago and I’m so happy for her to find her missing piece.  I can’t wait for their wedding in May!!! Utah wedding photographer takes Utah engagement photos.  The setting is fun and whimsical as far as Utah photo locations go. A romantic utah greenhouse and barn photography shoot is fun. I love posing fun wedding photos with fun young couples here in Utah.  Being a Utah wedding photographer has truly blessed my life.  I love wedding photography and would love to be your utah wedding photographer!  I love taking Utah engagement photos!  If you are getting married feel free to write me about your Utah engagement photo ideas!

Utah wedding photographer takes utah engagement photosI love what I do as a Utah wedding photographer.  I love when young brides and grooms come to me with fun new ideas for Utah engagement photos and photography.  I love finding new and fun engagement locations in Utah. I love having wedding couples that want me to take their Utah wedding photos.  Wedding photography and engagement photography is important to telling the bride and grooms story.  Living in Utah makes my job as a Utah wedding photographer so easy.  There are so many great locations to take bridals, wedding and Utah engagement photos in Utah.  Beautiful couples that love each other make for beautiful engagement and wedding photography.  Utah wedding photographers have if made.  I  wish I could go out and photograph utah engaged couples everyday.  Book me for your Utah engagement photos!  I live in Salt Lake City Utah and I love to photograph local Utah weddings!

Utah Engagements in the Snow

This was one of my very favorite engagement sessions ever!  There is just something magical about the snow!  It was a little cold to take photos but it was well worth it to get these cute engagement photos!  It was pretty deep snow and it was a little hard to walk in, but the photos!  I love the engagement photos.  I was so glad that this couple were such great sports!

Utah engagement photos in the snow.  Utah engagement locations with pine trees.  Utah photography locations with snow and pine trees are some of my favorite photography locations to take engagement photos.  I love Utah’s tall pine trees for photos.  I love wedding photography in the snow with some wintery pine trees.  I love winter engagement photos taken in Utah.  I love winter in Utah!  Salt Lake city has so many great location options for couples getting married!  I would love to be your wedding photographer!

Utah Snow for some Winter Engagements

Pretty much the coldest session ever!  The snow was pretty deep I kid you not!  But well worth the photos!

Ravenberg photography is a wedding photographer who specializes in natural, classic, candid photojournalist whimsical and beautiful imagery.  We have wedding photography available for travel worldwide.  I love taking photos for salt lake city brides in beautiful Utah wedding venues.  I love shooting at locations like these fun places at the mountains of Utah or at wheeler farm.  I would love to take your wedding photos!

Engagements with a View

Before I meet this bride we talked about how she wanted to have her engagements at a great spot with an overlook of Salt Lake City.  I thought this was a fun request and went and scouted out a few great spots.  I think the mountains above the city make for a great romantic spot for a couple to stroll around!

Great engagement locations in salt lake city utah with a great wedding photographer who would love to photograph your wedding.  If you are looking for a cool downtown wedding location with a view of the city I would love to show you around Utah.  Or if you want a good field location that would be a more whimsical feel I could help you with that as well.  If you are getting married in Salt Lake City Utah I would love to be your wedding photographer

Utah Engagements in the Fall

Don’t you love a autumn session in the leaves! You can’t help but to stare at this beautiful couple! It was fun to be around this couple because they are so in love!  And you should check out her ring!  That is one heck of a rock! The fall leaves, pretty ring, amazing couple and a fun time taking photos!  Yes, I am a very lucky wedding photographer!!

beautiful couple in the fall leaves during a Utah Salt Lake City engagement photo sessionLook at this Utah brides amazing wedding ring?  Engagement photography by lake in the fall leavesutah wedding photographer who  is affordable and great to work withutah wedding photos in the fall leaves

Utah wedding photos in winter great wedding photographerutah-wedding-photographer-session

I have experience I love photographing weddings at Utah’s most popular wedding venues such as: The Canyons Resort, The ski resorts, Johnson Mill, Millcreek Inn, Log Haven, Market Street Grill, St Regis, Memorial House, Le Jardin, La Caille, Red Butte Gardens, The Utah Capitol Building, Peirpont, Joseph Smith Memorial Building, McCune Mansion, Gateway and 15th Street Art Gallery. Please take the time to view my beautiful utah wedding gallery, utah bride and groom gallery, bridal gallery and utah wedding details gallery featuring engagement day pictures, bridal photos and wedding day pictures. Then browse our utah bridal gallery and utah engagement gallery to see pictures taken before or after the wedding day. To see some of our recent photo shoots and a more up to date look at our photography, please visit my photography website or wedding photography blog.