Featured on the awesome wedding blog Ever Ours!

Okay not to toot my own horn (but you know I am!)  I’m way excited to be featured here!  If you are not familiar with the national blog Ever Ours, you should totally check it out.  They are an amazing resouse to plan your wedding.  Or if you are a photographer it’s a great way to see what’s up and coming in photo trends and poses as well.  I know I added them to my reader a couple of months ago and I love it!  Make sure to go over there and leave me some love!  Here’s the link again!

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  • WOOT! WOOT! Becky! Yay! :) I will run over and look.

    BTW, you want to shoot in more churches? I want to shoot at more temples. Wanna trade? lol All I ever do is shoot in churches like that!!! You wouldn't believe how strict the photography guidelines are inside Catholic churches/missions/cathedrals though. Sometimes it can really suck! That church was a Lutheran church though... I'm Lutheran and I've never see a Lutheran church that decked out before! Might be because it's an old building...But I'd trade ya any day!

  • becky said:

    I would love to trade shooting a couple Mormon Temples for Catholic Churches. I can believe it on the restrictions they might have for churches. I shot a Jewish Ceremony once and I couldn't move or use flash, so maybe they would be similar that way? Not that I don't love the temples or think they are beautiful, but some of those churches are so pretty too!

  • thanks becky for thinking of my blog! loved featuring that session :)