Red Butte Gardens Engagement Photos

This couple was brave for their engagement photos and went all out even thought the weather said snow.  And it did snow!  Morgan and Valenteen took the snow like champs!  But taking your engagement photos any time and any weather is always a good idea if you are taking your engagement photos at Red Butte Gardens.  I love photographing at Red Butte Gardens, it’s always full of beautiful flowers anytime of the year.  Love my couples and love being a Utah Wedding photographer!red butte gardens engagement photos (10)red butte gardens engagement photos (1)red butte gardens engagement photos (2)red butte gardens engagement photos (3)red butte gardens engagement photos (5)red butte gardens engagement photos (6)red butte gardens engagement photos (7)red butte gardens engagement photos (8)red butte gardens engagement photos (9)Red butte Gardens engagement photos taken at Red butte gardens.  I love living so close to red butte Gardens because it means I get to photograph a lot of weddings there.  I can’t wait to photograph this bride and grooms wedding at Red Butte Gardens this August!  Winter, spring summer or fall weddings at Red butte gardens are always beautiful!  Love being a Utah wedding photographer and having acess to beautiful wedding locations and venues like Red Butte Gardens.  I think this will be the six wedding I have photographed at Red Butte Gardens.  Red Butte Gardens is located right outside of Salt Lake City Utah.  Salt Lake City Utah is a beautiful place to have a destination wedding.  If your destination for your wedding is Utah I would love to bey our Utah Wedding photographer.  I’m a Utah Wedding photographer.  I love Utah Weddings.  I love red butte gardens. I love taking engagement photos.  Bride and grooms like their wedding photos.  I like to take wedding photos.  Ravenberg Photography has been photographing weddings for six years.  Choose your wedding photographer wisely.

Bountiful Temple Wedding:Cristina and Mike

Bountiful Temple Wedding photographed by Utah Wedding photographer, Becky Ravenberg of Ravenberg Photography a local Utah wedding photographer

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when couples share cute stories with me about how they meet.  Here is a sweet but fun story about how Cristina and Mike meet.  I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did!  Oh, and then you need to check out the super cute photos of them on their wedding day at the Bountiful Temple!  So stinking cute with the two lovees and all the pink blossoms in the trees!  LOVE Bountiful Temple in the springtime!  Anyway, here is Cristina and Mike’s fun story!

We met through mutual friends at a BBQ. It was a bring your own meat, but I didn’t bring anything because I had already eaten. But once I started smelling everyone’s food I started getting really hungry. So I begun asking people for little pieces of their food. Most of them were guys and they are acted like it was a horrible thing I had asked for a piece of their precious food. But then I asked Mike, whom I had just met. He not only gave me a big chunk of his steak (the best tasting one by the way), but he brought me utensils and a cup of water. That’s why I feel in love with him because of his stake grilling skills and his kind heart:)

Vender LOVE:

Cake: Granite Bakery 
Dress: Elizabeth Cooper’s Bridal (all their dresses are $450!)
Flowers Flower Pros from Draper
Catering: Goodwood Barbecue Company
Entertainment: Chile Una Postal

Bountiful Temple Utah wedding in the spring with the flowers and blossoms out at the temple LDS weddingBountiful Temple Utah wedding in the spring with the flowers and blossoms out at the temple LDS weddingBountiful Temple Utah wedding in the spring with the flowers and blossoms out at the temple LDS weddingBountiful Temple Utah wedding in the spring with the flowers and blossoms out at the temple LDS weddingBountiful Temple Utah wedding in the spring with the flowers and blossoms out at the temple LDS weddingBountiful Temple Utah wedding in the spring with the flowers and blossoms out at the temple LDS weddingBountiful Temple Utah wedding in the spring with the flowers and blossoms out at the temple LDS weddingBountiful Temple Utah wedding in the spring with the flowers and blossoms out at the temple LDS weddingBountiful Temple Utah wedding in the spring with the flowers and blossoms out at the temple LDS weddingbountiful temple wedding with married couple laughing for wedding photosutah wedding photographer shoots wedding in spring at Bountiful TempleUtah wedding photographer loves to photograph brides and grooms at the Bountiful Utah Mormon temple.  I love being a Utah wedding photographer I love taking peoples wedding photos and capturing their love on their wedding day. I love working with fun couples from Utah.  I like to stay local to Utah as much as possible.  I find great joy working with couples who love Utah as much as I do.  Getting married in Utah myself, I love capturing the big wedding day of Utah couples getting married and having Utah weddings.  Being a Utah wedding photographer is on of the funnest jobs I could ever think of. I am so lucky to be a Utah wedding photographer.  IF you are getting married in Salt Lake City or Bountiful I would love to photographer your wedding.  I think Bountiful Utah Temple Weddings are some of the prettiest and the spring flowers are always gorgeous at Utah temple weddings!

Utah Engagement Photos: Jordan and Matthew

I had the funnest time last Saturday with these two!  After the craziness that is a family of six I enjoy getting out and remembering the bliss that is young love.  Matthew is so kind to Jordan.  The way he treats her, looks at her, holds her it is clear that she means so much to him.  I’ve known Jordan since I photographed her sisters wedding a few years ago and I’m so happy for her to find her missing piece.  I can’t wait for their wedding in May!!! Utah wedding photographer takes Utah engagement photos.  The setting is fun and whimsical as far as Utah photo locations go. A romantic utah greenhouse and barn photography shoot is fun. I love posing fun wedding photos with fun young couples here in Utah.  Being a Utah wedding photographer has truly blessed my life.  I love wedding photography and would love to be your utah wedding photographer!  I love taking Utah engagement photos!  If you are getting married feel free to write me about your Utah engagement photo ideas!

Utah wedding photographer takes utah engagement photosI love what I do as a Utah wedding photographer.  I love when young brides and grooms come to me with fun new ideas for Utah engagement photos and photography.  I love finding new and fun engagement locations in Utah. I love having wedding couples that want me to take their Utah wedding photos.  Wedding photography and engagement photography is important to telling the bride and grooms story.  Living in Utah makes my job as a Utah wedding photographer so easy.  There are so many great locations to take bridals, wedding and Utah engagement photos in Utah.  Beautiful couples that love each other make for beautiful engagement and wedding photography.  Utah wedding photographers have if made.  I  wish I could go out and photograph utah engaged couples everyday.  Book me for your Utah engagement photos!  I live in Salt Lake City Utah and I love to photograph local Utah weddings!

Salt Lake City Temple Wedding

Rob and Yael had an amazing Salt Lake City wedding.  All the details where so stunning and you could just feel how much they loved each other.  It was so great to be a part of their wedding!

Their Engagement story:
I was going to be sent on a 2 month work assignment to Singapore in July 2014. Knowing how close Singapore was from unique places in South East Asia, Rob and I decided to plan a vacation at the end of my assignment. I was really impressed that Rob wanted to come visit me on the other side of the world. When i was in Singapore, I saved my money and counted down the days for when I would meet him again. I knew we would have the best time ever!
He finally arrived in Singapore. I was so excited and had missed him so much. I would daydream about us and how ideal it would be if he proposed during that trip. Bali was our first destination. It was majestic and full of beautiful temples and beaches. We had so many magical moments while we were there, that I frequently thought “I wish he proposed right now.” (Now i know that he had also thought about proposing at some of those places).
Our last day in Bali, we decided to go to the beach for a walk in the morning. It was a long beautiful beach. The sea, the sand, the sky, ah! It was all so perfect! He asked me, “have you ever thought of where our relationship is going?” And i said “what do you mean?” I wanted him to be more specific. Then he said, “have you ever thought about us getting married?” which made my heart start beating fast and my legs go weak. Then, trying to keep my cool, i said, “Yes, i.. i.. have considered it… i.. i would marry you”. Then he said, “You have already answered, but i haven’t asked you… Would you marry me?” I said YES, YES, YES! and we walked to the side of the beach trying to internalize the moment and capture the beauty of it all. We sat down and he read me “A perfect poem for a perfect girl”. I was out-of-this-world happy! 
The rest of the trip was amazing. We shared getting really sick and tired. We might have got mad once. But there were plenty of fun adventures, and loving words, and caring for each other.We just knew we were meant to be together and can’t wait to start our new life together.
Cake: Granite Bakery, Dress: Danielle’s Bridal, Flowers: Flowers Squared, Videographer: a guy and a girl productions, Band/DJ: Mariachi de mi tierra, Catering: Joseph Smith Memorial Building
happy couple just married at the salt lake city temple weddingwedding couple exiting the salt lake city temple weddinggroup photo at the salt lake city weddingsalt lake city wedding sweet beautiful couplehappy couple at the salt lake city temple wedding in utahkissing couple at the salt lake city temple on their wedding daybride and groom at the salt lake city temple, wedding photographybeautiful bride and groom at the salt lake city weddingsalt lake city temple wedding, young couple in love on wedding dayutah wedding with merriachi bandfather and daughter dance at joeseph smith memorial buildingwedding at joeseph smith memorial building exiting their weddingsalt lake city wedding photographer shoots a salt lake city temple wedding.  I love shooting salt lake city Utah weddings.  My favorite place to photograph Utah weddings is Joesph Smith memorial building.  The Salt Lake City Temple is a beautiful location to have a Salt Lake City Wedding.  I love my job as a Utah Wedding photographer.  I love doing what I do.  I love shooting weddings at the Salt Lake City Temple.  I have photographed over 50 weddings at the Salt Lake City temple.  I love being a wedding photographer.
March 3, 2015 - 8:16 pm

Angélica Karen Valdez Morales - Dear Yael, thanks for sharing your beautiful love story, it really sounds amazing. I can tell you had a wonderful wedding and I just want to say I’m so happy for you, you are such a great woman and I wish you the best of the best. May the best of your today be the worst of your tomorrow. Love ya!

March 4, 2015 - 2:58 pm

Elizabeth - My dearest friend,

I can’t be happier to see how lovely wedding you had; wish we could’ve been there with you. As Marvin J. Ashton said: “True love is a process.” Your real love story is about to begin. Keep that genuine selfless interest in the well-being and happiness of one another and you two will have the most joyful marriage ever!

Salt Lake Temple Wedding

Having a Salt Lake Temple wedding is kinda like getting married in Cinderella’s Castle, or at least I imagine it being that way.  The Salt Lake Temple does look a lot to me like a princess castle.  The Salt Lake Temple weddings that I have shot there are always happy and picture perfect.  I can’t wait for all my brides this season having Salt Lake Temple Weddings!

Fun facts about the couple:
-Alex and I met when we were 15 years old and dated off and on in high school. Then when we moved to college (we didn’t plan to go to the same college or live in the same apartment complex) but we ended up living a few doors away from each other and it didn’t take long for either of us to realize that we were meant for each other. It was all about timing. We started dating in December of 2012 and have been best friends ever since. We have been through so much together and have kept our relationship strong even when I was in Walt Disney world for 4 months last fall in Florida. Alex came to visit me in October and proposed to me at dinner inside Cinderella’s castle. It was a dream come true.:)

salt lake city temple wedding by utah wedding photographerSalt lake city temple weddings are always a dream come true.  I love being there to photograph a Salt Lake Temple Wedding.  I love being a wedding photographer who gets to photograph the Salt Lake City temple so many times.  It  is for sure on of the most common places that I shoot being a Utah wedding photographer.  The Salt Lake City temple is so timeless.  I truly love finding new ways to see the Salt Lake Temple Weddings. If you are having a Salt Lake Temple wedding I would love to be your Utah wedding photographer!  Contact me and we can discuss the details of your Salt Lake Temple Wedding.