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Salt Lake City Temple wedding photographer takes wedding photos at the Salt Lake City Temple.  Love shooting at this Utah location.  Utah Wedding photographer.

Salt Lake City temple is one of my favorite places to photograph.  I don’t think I will ever get sick of shooting there, even though I’m pretty sure I’ve shot it almost a 100 times.  It’s so pretty!  Also since Utah culture and also Mormon culture are my culture I feel like I really understand the needs and wants of a bride who gets married in the Salt Lake City Temple.  If you are a bride planning a wedding for the Salt Lake City Temple I would love to meet with you and discus your upcoming wedding!

Dress: The Perfect Dress
Flowers: Flowers Squared
Videographer: David Perry
DJ: Parker Andriese (DJ Alive)
Catering: JSMB


Utah wedding photographer takes wedding photos at the Salt Lake City Temple.  I love Joseph Smith Memorial building for receptions.  It is classic and elegant and makes for perfect wedding.  As a wedding photographer in utah I love my job and take it very seriously.  I love the glowing review the mother of the bride has given and how kind the whole wedding party was to me.  I love events like this utah wedding.  I can’t wait to get out and photograph my next utah wedding.  If you are looking for a utah wedding photographer I would love to have you hire my wedding photography services.  I am a mom of four and love taking utah weddings.  I love all types of weddings but I really love and understand the lds culture.  My favorite place to photograph is the Salt Lake City temple.  Mormon brides are modest and beautiful and always charming.  I would love to photograph your Utah wedding at the Salt Lake City  I love the Salt Lake City temple and all it’s pretty gardens and views! Temple square is very pretty and perfect for a Utah Wedding.  I love being a Utah Wedding photographer.