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I loved taking photos for this cute Fillmore Utah wedding.  Set in the rural part of Fillmore Utah it was filled with small town charm.  The couple was charming and a pleasure to photograph.

Here are some cute stories from the Bride and Groom in their own words!


*Favorite story of Bride: first kiss was after I had just got done chopping onions and had tears coming down and mascara and he guided me who was blind with my eyes closed to the bathroom. When I finally opened my eyes we were both laughing and then he kissed me which got interrupted by more laughing.
*Favorite story of Groom: Day we got engaged Tava was starting a new job and studying for a test. Tava‘s mom Maureen and her Aunt Laura took a train down to visit. Originally her sister CJ who she doesnt get to see as much anymore was going to come down, but could not get a baby sitter for that long. Without Tava knowing Danny flew her sister down for the day and we all drove to her brothers for a bbq.  Her cousins that lived close by Heidi, Rachael, & Taylor also showed up, which Tava did not know. Totally oblivious her brother Cody and Danny said, “She has no idea,” while Tava was just sitting there happy to see everyone. All the sudden her sister walks through the back door and walks right over to Tava to give her a hug. Tava couldn’t believe it, and said, “Are you serious” How did this happen, and before I even got to pop the question she said, “Oh my gosh Im crying” then I got her attention finally and said, “you weren’t expecting that were you?” Tava just shook her head and then Danny says, I bet your not expecting this either and got down on his knee in front of everyone and asked if I would Marry him. Tava said yes and everyone started crying.

This is a darling country wedding in Fillmore Utah.  I love being a wedding photographer in Utah.  I live in Salt Lake City Utah, and I love taking wedding photography.  I have been taking wedding photos for close to a decade.  I’ve photographed over 200 Utah weddings.  IF you are getting married in Utah I would love to be your Utah wedding photographer.  Utah wedding photographer photographs cute couple in the mountains above Salt Lake City Utah.  Utah is full of perfect photography locations.  These cute engagement posed couple loved the outdoors so we took their engagement photos up one of the canyons.  There we found a photography oasis of pine trees and aspens.  Full of great elegance and picture perfect photo opportunities.  I love being a Utah Wedding photographer.  I can’t wait for their wedding in Ogden Utah up the canyon there.  I love being a Utah wedding photographer.  If you are getting married in Salt Lake City I would love to be your wedding photographer.  I have photographed over 300 weddings.  I love photographing weddings.  I don’t really travel anymore for weddings.  I love being a local Utah wedding photographer. Engagement photos in the Mountains are always fun.  Engagement photos in the Mountains of Utah are lovely so fresh and full of life.  Engagement photos in the Mountains are so lively and fun to capture with my camera.  I love being a utah engagement photographer.