Emily and Gavin: Married!

I can’t say enough rad things about this couple and their wedding!  Everything just came together perfectly.  The rain had us worried by it faded away into gorgeous light!  Salt Lake City temple in the spring is one of the prettiest places.  The flowers where out and everything turned out perfect.  I love that Emily chose white, yellow and green as her spring colors.   And the way she used lemons and limes with her cake just tied everything together.  Her hair was looking gorgeous and the dress was jaw dropping!  Take a look and see for yourself!

The end.

  • AWW! So gorgeous! The tulips at the temple are so beautiful, and the dew is a fantastic touch!

    I absolutely adore Emily's dress and hair (hopefully THIS Emily will look just as good!), and it's super neat because those are just about my colors (with a touch of blue and her HAIR is EXACTLY what I have always dreamed of! If I do my bridals in Utah, like I plan, maybe I can hit up her hairstylist, becahse the detail in those ringlets is just very well done. I see alot of sloppily done hair and it is so refreshing to see an up-'do that is both chic, structured, AND loose and gentle... Ahhhhhh :)

    And so awesome she has a long sleeved dress so she could wear it in the temple! :)

  • becky said:

    I know you will look every bit as good! I didn't see this comment until now! Your wedding sounds like it will someday be gorgeous! The hair stylist is one of my dear friends. His name is Oscar and works here in Sugarhouse. He is amazing. If you ever need your hair done or cut. He is the best! I will have to send your compliments his way.