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Emily and RyanUtah State Capitol BridalsUtah Wedding Photographer

Utah State Capitol Bridals

Utah state Capitol Bridals are always fun and so beautiful.  I love it when newly engaged Utah couples ask to have timeless wedding photography taken here.

Sometimes I joke and say that I do wedding photography primary as an escape from motherhood.  To occasionally get a thank you or your welcome.  To create something that actually stays done.  To do something you can perfect and move on from there.  Motherhood is a work in progress to say the least, but I love it. I also love wedding photography.  I love getting to know new couples.  To experience the freshness of their love, pure, raw and genuine.  Capturing each kiss, smile and giggle.

Utah wedding photographer photographs a cute young whimsical couple at the Utah state capitol building.  The Utah state  capitol is an elegant and timeless location for utah wedding.  The classical elegance of the building added to the romance of the couple.  Working together we where able to capture smiles and kisses.  I love being a Utah Wedding photographer.  If you are getting married in Utah I would love to be your wedding photographer.  Wedding photography shouldn’t be left to chance, get a professional wedding photographer that you trust.  I think that Utah Weddings are always so beautiful.  I would love to be your Utah Wedding Photography.

Chelsea and Dylan's WeddingWadley Farms WeddingUtah Wedding Photographer

Behind the Scenes:
Have I mentioned I’m a Netflix junkie?  I get to watch while I edit and I also sometimes watch to deal with pre wedding shoot jitters before this Wadley Farms wedding.  I think my family is about to stage an intervention and send me to a 12-step recovery program.  So I watched some netflix (dance academy is my lame girl weakness right now, what’s yours?) and drank some diet coke to amp myself for this wedding.  I’ve wondered if brides have a process they do to prepare for the wedding.  Thoughts?
Wadley Farms is nestled in the valley at the base of Timpanogous Mountain.  A scenic wedding venue with history.  This couple was married in the old rail road building.  Romantic and quaint and just perfect for their small ceremony wedding.
Cute Couple’s Story:
Dylan and I first met in late August, 2014. My friend and I walked into our first class of the first day of school (heat transfer) and the room was pretty packed but a set of seats  which were next to Dylan were open. We looked at each other, said “oooo”, laughed and went to sit next to Dylan because he was cute. Immediately after sitting next to him I said, “Hi, I’m Chelsea and this is Cassandra and we know everyone but we don’t know you”. He introduced himself and I began asking about him. He later told me (on our first date) that he felt like I was picking on the new kid, and I was annoying and avoided me after that encounter. He later saw me walk into class late, thought “Oh shoot, what did I do” and then started to pursue me. We eventually went on some dates and began seriously dating after a few months. We eventually graduated and started working as nuclear engineers in Washington state. It’s one of my favorite stories because it is very much like Dylan to hate talking to strangers but we made it past that to where we are today.
BYU catering prepared the food
Moonstruck Pictures did vidoe

Utah wedding photographer shoots a wedding at the perfect locaiton of Wadley Farms. It a great choice for any Utah Valley Bride.  I love utah brides and their charming details and intimete weddings.  Wedding photography has been a passion of mine for over eight years.  Having an experienced wedding photographer makes a difference in the quality of photos from your wedding day.  I have a photography degree form BYU with a bfa in photography.  I have photographed over 200 weddings here in Utah. I understand Utah weddings and I understand a Utah bride.

Utah Wedding PhotographerBridals in a Flower GardenChase and Christine's Romantic Rose Garden Session

Well, aren’t I a lucky photographer.  Check out this darling couple!  Blonde and gorgeous and heaping with love.  And the secret garden full of wild blooming roses!  I love everything about this photo session! Dress by Bridal Brillance Rentals in a flower garden are always my favorite to photograph. Love bridals in a flower garden.

utah wedding photographer photographs bride and goom in rose garden

utah bridals in rose garden utah bride and groom in rose garden bridal locationsutah wedding photographer in rose gardenutah bride and groom in rose garden bridal locationsutah bride and groom in rose garden bridal locationsutah bride and groom in rose garden bridal locationsutah bridals in a rose garden bridals in flowersrose garden bridal session in UTah

I loved taking these bridals in a flower garden. Bridals in a flower garden are some of my favorite looks for this years bridal trends.  I love connecting my brides with locations that fit their style.  I love to go out of my way to make sure that we find things unique to them to make their wedding photographs beyond unique and truly beautiful.  A beautiful location of flowers and roses in full bloom.  Are you looking for a Utah wedding photographer?  Are you looking for a fun Utah Wedding photographer?  A photographer who take beautiful wedding photos?  I would love to be that fun wedding photographer you choose for your wedding.  I love taking Utah wedding photographs in fun unique locations like this whimsical rose garden.  I love how romantic this wild rose garden is.  I love taking couples to new and different locations.  and working with their style to get unique photos just for them that fit their wedding and their weddings style.  I love being a Utah wedding photographer.  I love shooting Utah weddings. I love being local to Utah and shooting local Utah weddings. If you choose me as your wedding photographer, you will not only have beautiful photographs, you will have fun while obtaining these beautiful photographs.  I love shooting special events and Utah weddings.  

Utah Wedding PhotographerThanksgiving Point BridalsLuisa and Daniel formal wedding photography

Thanksgiving Point Bridals: A romantic bridal session is one of my favorite kind of photography session.  I love getting to know the bride, and this time the groom.  It’s great to have the groom come along!  I get to see the couple together and see how they interact!  This couple is so sweet.  And I might add that Daniel is one great golf cart driver!  The grounds at Thanksgiving point are huge.–HUGE!  I tell you!  So it’s fun to zip and zoom around the gardens with a groom who really knows how to use one.  This cute couple just got married so I can finally share their formals.  So pretty!

thanksgiving point gardensthanksgiving point gardensthanksgiving point gardensthanksgiving point gardensthanksgiving point gardensthanksgiving point gardensthanksgiving point gardens
Bridal photos at Thanksgiving point gardens.  I love shooting at this is the place.  If you are getting married at thanksgiving point gardens I would love to photograph your wedding. I love being a utah wedding photographer I love taking photos at thanksgiving point. it’s truly a gem amount utah wedding venues. I like to do wedding photography here in Utah.  I’m a wedding photographer based outside of salt lake city utah.  These photos where taken at Thanksgiving point in UTah.  This bridal session in Utah at thanksgiving point was so much fun.  I love taking photos at thanksgiving point in the secret garden.  Ravenberg Photography loves Thanksgiving point in UTah.

Carmelle Reception Wedding, UtahSalt Lake Temple Wedding


A utah wedding photographer takes a pretty couples photos at the salt lake city temple.  then goes to sleepy ridge golf course for a beautiful garden wedding.  I can’t get over how pretty the whole wedding event was.  As a wedding photographer in utah I love my job and take it very seriously.  I love the glowing review the mother of the bride has given and how kind the whole wedding party was to me.  I love events like this utah wedding.  I can’t wait to get out and photograph my next utah wedding.  If you are looking for a utah wedding photographer I would love to have you hire my wedding photography services.  I am a mom of four and love taking utah weddings.  I love all types of weddings but I really love and understand the lds culture.  My favorite place to photograph is the Salt Lake City temple.  Mormon brides are modest and beautiful and always charming.  I would love to photograph your Utah wedding at the Salt Lake City Temple.

Reed Family photosWinter Family PhotosUtah family photographer

I love it when families want to take wither family photos for their Christmas cards.  Christmas card photos are so fun because you can take them in any kind of weather.  This was a full out winter blizzard!  Also I like how stress free (ha ha easy for me to say. ) winter family photos can be.  I say this because if your child messes up their hair you can just put a hat on their head.  Spills on an outfit, put a vest on that child!  But seriously, I’ve had both those cases happen to my family.  Also who doesn’t want to go out and play in the snow?  So fun, I highly recommend taking family photos in the winter.

what to wear for family photos.  Winter family photos are so easy to know what to wear too, just put on cute coats and jackets you already own. Vests are a great item to wear in family photos.  A cute dress coat for the girls, even plaid or flannel make really cute family Christmas card photos.  IF you are looking for something cute to do for your family Christmas cards, check out this families Christmas card photos.  I love winter family photos.  We drove up the canon in Utah to find snow tuffed pine trees.  pops of red on the families outfits make it so cute and fun in the photos. add a cute sled for some fun in the snow while you take your photos.

Madison and Tanner EngagementsUtah Mountain Engagement PhotographyUtah wedding photographer

Utah mountain engagement photography is some of my favorite.  We decided on photographing up in the mountains by Park City when I learned that their first date was in Park City.  So we found this perfect overlook spot.  And it made for some of the funnest photos!  Loved them!  Check out the photos down below.

I love taking utah engagement photos in the pretty mountain of Utah. Located right outside of salt lake city utah, the mountains of park city have gorgeous views.  IF you are looking for a pretty mountain location for your engagement photos I would love to take you to this pretty mountain spot.  It’s so close to park city.  The views are to stunning and make for the cutest engagement photos.  If you are looking for a cute Bohemian look to your engagement or wedding photos this mountain location would be a great fit for you.  This mountain location in Utah has the perfect whimsical feel to it.  So come run away with me and take pretty engagement photos feel to it.  I love being a fun utah wedding photographer. I would love to be your fun utah wedding photographer and take great wedding photography for you.  The Mountains in Utah are so pretty and fun to photograph.  I pride myself in finding fun new locations for my engaged couples. If you are looking to take mountain engagement photos in utah.  Call me up and book my wedding photography packages now.  I’m filling up fast.  So many engaged couples this year wanting to take fun photos up in the Mountains of Utah. Let me help you take your fun utah mountain engagement photos.

Utah wedding photographerVietnamese Wedding in UtahVietnamese wedding and Tuscany Gardens

I love learning about the culture while photographing this Vietnamese wedding. Forgive me if I get anything wrong, I was only an onlooker.  The groom prepares to meet his bride in a home close to hers.  The prepare gifts for the brides family and ancestors.  His family makes a procession line and carries the gifts to the brides house. There they gave all the gifts for the wedding to the bridesmaids.  The then go in and serve tea to their parents. The parents give gifts the children.  It was really beautiful and fun to be a part of it.

Fun Story about the couple:

Jordan and I met in math class, of all places!  We were both sophomores at UC Berkeley, he was an Engineering Physics major and I was in Astrophysics, so our paths never crossed.  It was kind of a fluke that I was taking this class in the first place, as I hadn’t fulfilled all of the pre-requirements, but I decided to do it anyways.  Even though it was a small class, we never really talked to each other.  Towards the end of the semester, he walked in with a shirt with a picture of Shakespeare on it, with the phrase ‘Prose before Hos’.  I joked that I was offended, as my last name is Ho, and that it was not okay for prose to come before me.  He was taken aback, but later that day went home and sent me a message.  That shirt provided the spark that ignited our ten year strong relationship.  While the original shirt is in tatters, it lives on in the form of two replicas that I have made to keep him happy 🙂


  • Cake is made by my sister-in-law, but we will also have additional cakes from Gourmandise.
  • Dress: Custom made in Vietnam
  • Flowers: Skyline Flowers
  • Videographer: My nephew who is in HS, but has an amateur car photography business
  • DJ: Keith from All Star Events
  • Photobooth: Utah Jive
  • Catering: East Sea Restaurant in WVC

Utah wedding photographer photographs a Vietnamese wedding at Tuscany gardens in salt lake city utah. I love being a utah wedding photographer.  While I love shooting Later Day Saint weddings I loved the break and the chance to learn about the Vietnamese weddings.  I loved the how pretty and charming the Vietnamese culture was.  I loved getting to shoot two kinds of ceremonies.  It was fun to go to the mountains and take the bridesmaids and groomsman photos.  I loved being a utah wedding photographer for this fun couple!

Timpanogos Temple Wedding

This is Timpanogos temple wedding that won’t soon be forgotten. I love shooting weddings at the mount timpanogous temple.  If you are a Mormon looking at temples for your temple wedding I would highly suggest you consider getting married at the Timpanogous temple.  The Mount timpanogos temple makes for beautiful wedding photos.  A Timpanogos temple wedding will not disapoint and give an Utah bride and groom magic like wedding photos.  I love being a Utah wedding photographer, I love attending timpanogos temple weddings.  I love wedding photography in general.  I love how whimsical this couple was and how it fit perfectly with their timpanogos temple wedding.  I live in Salt Lake City, but it’s worth going to Utah county for this timpanogos temple wedding.  I’m trying to get this to 300 words about this timpanogos temple wedding.  Don’t hate on me haters about this Mount timpanogos temple wedding.  I love being a Utah wedding photographer.  Maybe I should have named this blog entry Utah wedding photographer shoots a timpanogos temple wedding. I think that seems long.  Or is naming this timpanogos temple wedding shot by a utah wedding photographer better?  What I like best about Timpanogos temple weddings is that you don’t have to walk that far to get really pretty angles of this temple.  The Mount timpanogos temple I like to photograph it from the south east side.  It’s really pretty for wedding photos there.  You can see the whole temple and it’ makes a perfect back drop for the bride and groom.  Even on this really sunny day in Utah we still rocked really pretty photos at the timpanogos temple.

Wedding at the Draper Temple

Ashley and Chase had a beautiful wedding at the Draper Temple.  I love the Draper temple, even though it is windy from time to time!  It’s a beautiful place to take wedding photos and celebrate a lds wedding!

Fun sweet story about the couple:

I guess one fun fact is that Chase comes from a family of all brothers, and I come from a family of all sisters.  We have already had plenty of our “Wait, men/women actually care about/do/think/say/smell like that?” moments, and I’m sure we will enjoy our fair share of them in the future. This brings to my mind the time when Chase first bought me flowers.  Chase hadn’t really done the whole flower thing before me.  So one day, he showed up
to pick me up at the airport with the most wilted, florescent-orange daises you have ever seen. Poor Chase was oblivious to the facts that they were (1) ugly and (2) dead. You would have thought he had two-dozen, perfect roses in his hands, he was so proud of himself. He explained all he had done to buy these flowers the night before and to care for them since then.  As he explained his attempt to give me the perfect flowers, I knew how much he loved me and wanted to make me happy, and I felt like the luckiest woman in the world. I will always cherish that memory of a grinning Chase standing in the airport, holding a big sign and those wilted, orange flowers. I have since trained him, and he is now infinitely better at buying and caring for flowers.  But I doubt I’ll ever love a bouquet of flowers more than I love those wilted, orange daisies.

Wedding Vendors: Utah draper wedding photographed by wedding photographer Becky at Ravenberg Photography
Shoes: Blue by Betsey Johnson   Love photographing the Draper LDS temple and Noahs reception center in South Jordan gorgeous!
Venue: Noah’s Reception Center  Brides and grooms who get married at Draper temple I love them as clients!

groom’s attire:Tommy Hilfiger Suit and Allen Edmonds shoes. Utah wedding photographer that loves sweet mormon weddings at the Draper temple in Draper Utah.
Wedding planner and flowers: Megan Warner I love being a utah wedding photographer and getting to photograph the Draper Temple
Food: Kneaders utah wedding photographer photographs the draper lds temple and Noahs event center
Cake: Natalie Grey (The Cake Market) utah wedding photographer photographs the draper lds temple and Noahs event center
Wedding dress shop: Danielle’s Utah wedding photographer loves lds temple weddings at the draper temple wedding location.

bridesmaids dresses:Shabby Apple Boutique  Please pick me to be your wedding photographer at the Draper temple!  I love shooting the draper temple!

draper temple lds wedding in Utah by utah photographerWedding photographer takes photographs of bride and groom at a wedding at the Draper Temple.  I love being a photographer for weddings at the draper temple.  The Draper temple is a great place to photograph.  I love being a utah wedding photographer it’s the best job!  Noah’s reception center is a great place for a wedding.  Are you reading my wedding photography words?  Yep I want you to find me and let me be your wedding photographer.  I would love to be your utah wedding photographer!