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Behind the Scenes:
Have I mentioned I’m a Netflix junkie?  I get to watch while I edit and I also sometimes watch to deal with pre wedding shoot jitters before this Wadley Farms wedding.  I think my family is about to stage an intervention and send me to a 12-step recovery program.  So I watched some netflix (dance academy is my lame girl weakness right now, what’s yours?) and drank some diet coke to amp myself for this wedding.  I’ve wondered if brides have a process they do to prepare for the wedding.  Thoughts?
Wadley Farms is nestled in the valley at the base of Timpanogous Mountain.  A scenic wedding venue with history.  This couple was married in the old rail road building.  Romantic and quaint and just perfect for their small ceremony wedding.
Cute Couple’s Story:
Dylan and I first met in late August, 2014. My friend and I walked into our first class of the first day of school (heat transfer) and the room was pretty packed but a set of seats  which were next to Dylan were open. We looked at each other, said “oooo”, laughed and went to sit next to Dylan because he was cute. Immediately after sitting next to him I said, “Hi, I’m Chelsea and this is Cassandra and we know everyone but we don’t know you”. He introduced himself and I began asking about him. He later told me (on our first date) that he felt like I was picking on the new kid, and I was annoying and avoided me after that encounter. He later saw me walk into class late, thought “Oh shoot, what did I do” and then started to pursue me. We eventually went on some dates and began seriously dating after a few months. We eventually graduated and started working as nuclear engineers in Washington state. It’s one of my favorite stories because it is very much like Dylan to hate talking to strangers but we made it past that to where we are today.
BYU catering prepared the food
Moonstruck Pictures did vidoe

Utah wedding photographer shoots a wedding at the perfect locaiton of Wadley Farms. It a great choice for any Utah Valley Bride.  I love utah brides and their charming details and intimete weddings.  Wedding photography has been a passion of mine for over eight years.  Having an experienced wedding photographer makes a difference in the quality of photos from your wedding day.  I have a photography degree form BYU with a bfa in photography.  I have photographed over 200 weddings here in Utah. I understand Utah weddings and I understand a Utah bride.