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I love learning about the culture while photographing this Vietnamese wedding. Forgive me if I get anything wrong, I was only an onlooker.  The groom prepares to meet his bride in a home close to hers.  The prepare gifts for the brides family and ancestors.  His family makes a procession line and carries the gifts to the brides house. There they gave all the gifts for the wedding to the bridesmaids.  The then go in and serve tea to their parents. The parents give gifts the children.  It was really beautiful and fun to be a part of it.

Fun Story about the couple:

Jordan and I met in math class, of all places!  We were both sophomores at UC Berkeley, he was an Engineering Physics major and I was in Astrophysics, so our paths never crossed.  It was kind of a fluke that I was taking this class in the first place, as I hadn’t fulfilled all of the pre-requirements, but I decided to do it anyways.  Even though it was a small class, we never really talked to each other.  Towards the end of the semester, he walked in with a shirt with a picture of Shakespeare on it, with the phrase ‘Prose before Hos’.  I joked that I was offended, as my last name is Ho, and that it was not okay for prose to come before me.  He was taken aback, but later that day went home and sent me a message.  That shirt provided the spark that ignited our ten year strong relationship.  While the original shirt is in tatters, it lives on in the form of two replicas that I have made to keep him happy 🙂


  • Cake is made by my sister-in-law, but we will also have additional cakes from Gourmandise.
  • Dress: Custom made in Vietnam
  • Flowers: Skyline Flowers
  • Videographer: My nephew who is in HS, but has an amateur car photography business
  • DJ: Keith from All Star Events
  • Photobooth: Utah Jive
  • Catering: East Sea Restaurant in WVC

Utah wedding photographer photographs a Vietnamese wedding at Tuscany gardens in salt lake city utah. I love being a utah wedding photographer.  While I love shooting Later Day Saint weddings I loved the break and the chance to learn about the Vietnamese weddings.  I loved the how pretty and charming the Vietnamese culture was.  I loved getting to shoot two kinds of ceremonies.  It was fun to go to the mountains and take the bridesmaids and groomsman photos.  I loved being a utah wedding photographer for this fun couple!