Beautiful Bridals at Utah State Capitol

Ummm…can you tell I’m behind in blogging?  I am.  I always am.  Anyway, found these while update the website and they are beautiful!  I’m so said I hadn’t blogged them yet.  So I decided to post them on here.  I love photographing brides at the Utah State Capitol building!Utah wedding phtoographer photographs a beautiful bride in Salt Lake City at the Utah Capitol Building.  I love to capture pretty brides in downtown salt lake city.  If you are getting married in salt lake city I would love to be your wedding photographer!  Bridals like these are fun to take and I love working with fun young trendy girls in cool locations in utah!  I’m not photographing weddings for the 2013 wedding year.  If you are getting married in 2013 I would love to be your wedding photographer!  I love living and working in Utah as a utah wedding photographer!

  • I LOVE her dress. ANd the first three shots just kill me. LOVE them. I haven't seen you do any of those particular spots at the capitol before and they all look just stellar- particularly with her specific dress design with that amazing back. I LOVE it. Fantastic job Beck.