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Utah Engagement Photos: Jordan and Matthew

I had the funnest time last Saturday with these two!  After the craziness that is a family of six I enjoy getting out and remembering the bliss that is young love.  Matthew is so kind to Jordan.  The way he treats her, looks at her, holds her it is clear that she means so much to him.  I’ve known Jordan since I photographed her sisters wedding a few years ago and I’m so happy for her to find her missing piece.  I can’t wait for their wedding in May!!! Utah wedding photographer takes Utah engagement photos.  The setting is fun and whimsical as far as Utah photo locations go. A romantic utah greenhouse and barn photography shoot is fun. I love posing fun wedding photos with fun young couples here in Utah.  Being a Utah wedding photographer has truly blessed my life.  I love wedding photography and would love to be your utah wedding photographer!  I love taking Utah engagement photos!  If you are getting married feel free to write me about your Utah engagement photo ideas!

Utah wedding photographer takes utah engagement photosI love what I do as a Utah wedding photographer.  I love when young brides and grooms come to me with fun new ideas for Utah engagement photos and photography.  I love finding new and fun engagement locations in Utah. I love having wedding couples that want me to take their Utah wedding photos.  Wedding photography and engagement photography is important to telling the bride and grooms story.  Living in Utah makes my job as a Utah wedding photographer so easy.  There are so many great locations to take bridals, wedding and Utah engagement photos in Utah.  Beautiful couples that love each other make for beautiful engagement and wedding photography.  Utah wedding photographers have if made.  I  wish I could go out and photograph utah engaged couples everyday.  Book me for your Utah engagement photos!  I live in Salt Lake City Utah and I love to photograph local Utah weddings!

Utah Wedding Inspiration

Sometimes as a photographer it is so fun to get out and do a “fun” shoot like this Utah wedding inspiration shoot.  That was the case with this wedding inspiration sessionn.  I was so happy to be able to go out and shoot with the amazing Loblee Photography!  She was the master mind behind this Utah wedding inspiration shoot out.  She came up with the unique star gazing them and put together the amazing list of vendors down below!

Here are some of my images that I was able to photograph during the Utah star gazing wedding inspiration shoot out. Utah wedding photographer does a multi photographer shoot out and the results are some amazing wedding photographs.  If you are getting married in Salt Lake City Utah and need a wedding photographer make sure you check out ravenberg photography.  I love doing fun and creative wedding photography and would love to be your wedding photographer!

wedding inspiration wedding photography star gazing shoot elopementUtah wedding inspiration with fun couple and tree swing, love this idea for a weddingmarried couple pose with tree swing for wedding photosromantic picnic for a bride and groom, in utah weddingstar wedding themed utah wedding insperation shootutah wedding photography inspiration star gazing photography shoot oututah wedding photography inspiration shoot for a fun modest couple modest dress young groom poses for wedding photographs on his wedding day, groom posesstar gazing young lovers wedding photographyMain Photographer over hosting this shoot:(all photos on this blog where taken by Ravenberg Photography, but The ideas and concepts came from Loblee) Loblee Photography // Styling: Dani Hagemeister // Headpiece: Danani Handmade adornments // Wedding dress: Peony by Stella // Makeup: Daisy Head by Mary // Stationery: A la Carte Paperie // Print: Hello Tosha Co // Fashion Illustration: Fashion Illustration by Sapphire Shiohwan // Desserts/cake: Chantilly Patisserie // Mobile: Cosmo cricket // Models: Alexa Lawrence and Malcom Peck



Utah wedding photography is a competitive field full of great wedding photographers. When you are looking for a wedding photographer make sure you do your leg work looking at a lot of different wedding photographers and their wedding photography portfolios.  Make sure your wedding photographer knows what they are doing and are competent in the wedding photography field.  A wedding photographer who is to be trusted should be able to show you a lot of different weddings in their wedding photography galleries.  A good wedding photographer can shoot in dark reception centers and still get great wedding photographs.  I have shot over a hundred weddings most of them being local to salt lake city Utah.  I understand the Utah bride and groom and their needs for wedding photography.  Feel free to write me and ask any wedding photography questions you might have.

Utah Bridal Photos

Utah bridal photos:  Bridal photos are some of my favorite to take.  A little test run of how beautiful a bride will be on her wedding day.  Utah is home to so many beautiful and scenic photo locations.  We decided to take Jordan’s bridals out at Saltair.  Saltair is a great place for any Utah bridal photos.  The long reeds or the shores of the Great Salt Lake make for amazing views that complement any bride.  I also just love Jordan’s headpiece.  It was the perfect compliment to her stunning wedding dress.  All together the perfect picture of a bride! I love photographing out at Saltair.  Sometimes Saltair is buggy and stinky but it always makes for great wedding photography.  I love that Jordan just did her Utah bridal photos by herself without the groom.  Utah bridal photos can be such a bonding experience for a mom and the bride.  Saltair was so much fun and so pretty.  Saltair can look just like the beach!

Utah bride taking bridals at Saltair in the reedsutah bridal photos taken just outside of salt lake cityclose up of utah bride with a stunning headpieceUtah bridals taken on the shores of the great salt lake, saltairutah bridal photos taken out at utah state park saltairUtah bridal photos on the beach of saltairutah bridal photos that are whimsical taken by the great salt lakeutah bridal photos taken on the shore of the great salt lake right outside of downtown salt lake cityravenberg-logoravenbergsigTo see more Utah Bridal photos, jump on over to my website

Ravenberg photography specializes in Utah wedding photography and does not travel outside of Utah at this time.  I love focusing my wedding photography work inside the state of utah.  Keeping wedding photography local I feel is important to understanding your local utah bride and groom.  Understanding Utah culture and utah locations helps me to be a better utah wedding photographer.  I love being so close to my couples to help them throughout their wedding photography planning stages of the wedding planning process.  I love being a utah wedding photographer!

Red Butte Gardens Wedding

They were married outside at Red Butte Gardens.  I’m so love that venue, it’s just breathtaking for weddings! Located just outside of Salt Lake City it is truly a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos.  It fit Tonya’s personality perfectly.  Elegant but also laid back and fun.  Here is a little bit about how Frank proposed.  I think it is so  much fun to learn about my couples and their stories!

We got engaged in Hawaii.  I had no idea that Frank had snuck a ring along. The entire trip he was paranoid that it would get lost or stolen. He had planned to propose part way through the trip, but I ended up getting really sick with the flu, all of it, runny nose, sneezing, cough, fever, and aches.  So Frank spent the majority of the trip trying to stay as far away from me as possible.  Luckily I did start to feel better towards the end of the trip, so he took the opportunity to propose on the last day before we headed out.  It was simple but sweet, and I was so surprised and happy.  Even though I was sick it ended up being a wonderful trip.

wedding cake

wedding photography is so much fun it is something I love to do.  Especially when the wedding is at a beautiful utah location like red butte gardens.  red butte garden weddings are known for being laid back but also full of so much fun. with every corner a new photography backdrop that fits almost any style of wedding photography.  I love being a utah wedding photographer.  Choosing a wedding photographer is very important to any bride and groom.  You should choose a wedding photographer that fits your wedding photography style.  Utah has a lot of wedding photographers to choose from.  I know you have a lot of wedding photographer options.  But when looking for a wedding photographer in Utah I hope you stop by and give me a chance to tell you why I should be your utah wedding photographer.

Engagements with a View

Before I meet this bride we talked about how she wanted to have her engagements at a great spot with an overlook of Salt Lake City.  I thought this was a fun request and went and scouted out a few great spots.  I think the mountains above the city make for a great romantic spot for a couple to stroll around!

Great engagement locations in salt lake city utah with a great wedding photographer who would love to photograph your wedding.  If you are looking for a cool downtown wedding location with a view of the city I would love to show you around Utah.  Or if you want a good field location that would be a more whimsical feel I could help you with that as well.  If you are getting married in Salt Lake City Utah I would love to be your wedding photographer

Red Butte Garden Bridals

I am so excited for this year.  Usually Utah has so many pretty blonde brides, but this year is shaping up to be the year of the brunettes!  Seriously so many pretty girls.  Speaking of which Kelsey is amazingly goergous in her bridal photos at the Salt Lake City Temple and Red Butte Gardens.  Loved all of them!

I love photographing in salt lake city utah.  I love working with cute couples from utah to take pretty photos.  I love photographing at red butte gardens right above salt lake city.

Beautiful Bridals at Utah State Capitol

Ummm…can you tell I’m behind in blogging?  I am.  I always am.  Anyway, found these while update the website and they are beautiful!  I’m so said I hadn’t blogged them yet.  So I decided to post them on here.  I love photographing brides at the Utah State Capitol building!Utah wedding phtoographer photographs a beautiful bride in Salt Lake City at the Utah Capitol Building.  I love to capture pretty brides in downtown salt lake city.  If you are getting married in salt lake city I would love to be your wedding photographer!  Bridals like these are fun to take and I love working with fun young trendy girls in cool locations in utah!  I’m not photographing weddings for the 2013 wedding year.  If you are getting married in 2013 I would love to be your wedding photographer!  I love living and working in Utah as a utah wedding photographer!