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Salt Lake City temple wedding this was a great event. I love photographing utah temple weddings.  I am a Utah wedding photographer.

Congratulations to this cute couple Courtney and Courtland!  Way to make it easy to remember names on this one!  😉  I was a lucky wedding photographer and got to photograph her sister’s wedding as well.  I always feel loved when multiple siblings in a family use my services.  It was a beautiful wedding.  The couple was stunning, great food and a gorgeous backdrop.  What more could you want!


The cake is being done by a cousin of the groom.  The flowers on the cake are being done by May Flowers. May Flowers is the florist for the whole event. http://www.mayflowersutah.com/
The dress was purchased in Omaha.
Marvelous Catering is doing the food.

Fun Couple Story:

I think a funny story is that this couple got engaged July 24 in Pittsburgh and married Sept. 9. the same year.  He was living in Texas, she was living in Pittsburgh and the wedding is in Salt Lake.  We live in Omaha and also took a trip to Norway with the bride from July 29 to Aug 10.  Its been a whirlwind but hope all goes well.

A utah wedding photographer takes a pretty couples photos at the salt lake city temple.  then goes to sleepy ridge golf course for a beautiful garden wedding.  I can’t get over how pretty the whole wedding event was.  As a wedding photographer in utah I love my job and take it very seriously.  I love the glowing review the mother of the bride has given and how kind the whole wedding party was to me.  I love events like this utah wedding.  I can’t wait to get out and photograph my next utah wedding.  If you are looking for a utah wedding photographer I would love to have you hire my wedding photography services.  I am a mom of four and love taking utah weddings.  I love all types of weddings but I really love and understand the lds culture.  My favorite place to photograph is the Salt Lake City temple.  Mormon brides are modest and beautiful and always charming.  I would love to photograph your Utah wedding at the Salt Lake City Temple.